I am a photographer based in Middletown, Connecticut, specializing in Real Estate, Architecture, and Interiors Photography.

After moving to Connecticut with my family when I was very young, I attended local state college and online university, studying Business - after acquiring my Bachelors and Masters degrees, and working as a healthcare professional for 20+ years, I became interested in photography.

While on a trip with friends to Rome, Italy, I watched as one of my friends moved through the city with a rented DSLR.  When I returned home, I immediately bought a beginner-model DSLR and began to experiment.

My first passion is landscapes and I love to travel the world and photograph the beauty that is nature.

Since that time, my interests and passions have expanded - a friend who is a real estate agent asked me one day if I would be interested in taking photographs of properties for sale.  At first, I was reluctant, unsure if I really had what was necessary to provide quality images.  I decided to practice at home, without any real concept of what would be required, and my first attempt was abysmal - one of the staples of architecture and real estate photography is to ensure that vertical lines are preserved in every way and I had no vertical lines at all.  I studied and practiced, and then asked for a property to try.  Ever since then, I have loved going into homes, looking for pleasing angles, and using the light present in every situation to make a property look its best.

I love to golf, although I am not very good, and one of my past-times is obstacle course racing.  I spent 2 or 3 years working hard to condition myself for the brutal terrain, long miles, and challenging obstacles.

The motivation for beating my own times kept me driving forward.  While I have largely given up that hobby, the fond memories I have often tempt me to go back and try again....maybe someday.

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