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How to Prepare Your Property for a Matterport 3D Tour

Matterport is a tool & software with which 3D tours of your home can be created.

The camera is very different from a traditional camera, and the process of creating the 3D tour is very different from how traditional real estate photographs are made.

The photographer will set up the Matterport camera in many different locations in your home (a minimum of 30-40 places, up to 200), in an attempt to mirror what it would be like to walk through the property. At each location, the camera will slowly rotate 360 degrees as it records the room in every direction. After the approximate 10 second scan, the camera will be moved to the next location and the house will be scanned in this manner.

With traditional photographs, it is often possible to take the photo while carefully ensuring that pets and other undesirable items are not in the frame. Occasionally, homeowners will also move items from one room to another as the photos are taken. However, this is not possible with 3D tours.

To ensure that an optimal scan is done of your home, please see the Homeowner Tips below.

Critical Homeowner Tips

Remember - anything that you can see while standing where the camera is placed, the camera will see as it rotates - this includes seeing through doorways into adjacent rooms


Ideally, pets would not be in the house while the house is being scanned.

If they must be in the house, place pets in rooms that are not adjacent to the room being scanned. If needed, all pets can be placed in an upstairs room while the downstairs is being scanned, and then moved downstairs when the upstairs is scanned.

Personal Items

Items that you do not want to be seen in the scans should be put away. This would include clutter, family photographs (if you wish), prescription bottles, and any other personal items. The camera will capture what it sees.


Please turn on every light in your home for the photographer. Staging Please ensure that all rooms are ready to be photographed. This would include dishes being put away, blinds and drapes open, beds neatly made, and laundry put away.


Because of the number of locations that the photographer will place the camera, he/she will also need to hide while the scan is being done. The fewer people that in the property while this is taking place, the easier it is to ensure that nobody accidentally appears in the scans.

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